230 Foord St. / Stellarton, NS / BOK 1So / 4pm – 11pm DAILY




230 Foord St. Stellarton NS B0K 1S0


4pm – 11pm



Nut Brittle Bar Snack GF V // 6
Smashed herb roasted nut brittle, with pistachios, pumpkin seeds, almonds & sunflower seeds.

Caramel Popcorn Bar Snack GF // 6
Kettle popped popcorn, coated in house caramel.

Pep’n’Cheds Bar Snack GF // 6
Hickory Smoked PEI Cheddar, and deep fried Brothers pepperoni.

Bar snack flight // 10

Donnie’s Dippers // 12
Hand cut Nova Scotia chicken breast, breaded with Donald’s secret family recipe. Served with fresh carrots and celery and your choice of sauce: house made Carolina BBQ sauce, house honey mustard, or Valentina’s Hot Sauce.

Add Ranch or Blue Cheese // 1.50

Nachos GF // 18
Corn tortilla chips, double layered with queso, aged ADL cheddar, jalapeños, black olives, red onions, black beans & banana peppers. Served with housemade grilled salsa and sour cream.

Add Guacamole // 4
Add Beef/Chicken/Impossible // 6

Tuna Stack // 14
Ahi tuna, marinated with mirin, soy and sesame, with cucumber, avocado, toasted peanuts, and thai chilies. Served with housemade potato chips and corn nachos. Staff Favourite

PEI Mussels GF // 13
Fresh PEI Mussels, sautéed with Annapolis Cider, leeks, thyme, and thai chillies. Medium Spice

Famous Pickle Brined Wings // 15
Local NS chicken wings, brined in pickle juice, dusted and fried. Served with fresh carrots and celery and your choice of sauce: house made Carolina BBQ sauce, house honey mustard, or Valentina’s Hot Sauce.

Add Ranch or Blue Cheese // 1.50

Mac & Cheese // 9
Macaroni tossed in bechemel with aged ADL cheddar, baked with breadcrumbs

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail GF // 14
3 jumbo poached shrimp, chilled and served with house seafood sauce & pickled vegetables. Largest around!

Add One Shrimp // 4

House Made Guacamole & Chips // 10
House made potato chips & corn nachos, smashed guacamole with fresh garlic, lime and cilantro.

Brussel Sprouts GF // 9
Fried brussels sprouts tossed with fresh herbs & your choice of fish sauce & caramel, or smoked honey & tamari.


Triple Fried Fries // 6
Hand cut from Chef’s grade Haydo’s Potatoes, extra crispy.

Poutine // 12
Hand-cut fries, topped with Knoydart Farms cheese curds, dark house gravy.

Truffle Fries // 9
Hand-cut fries, tossed with truffle oil, parmigiano reggiano, fresh herbs.

Fries Surprise // 9
Hand-cut fries, topped with sautéed onions, green peas, ground chuck beef, dark house gravy. Staff Favourite


Chefs Famous Chili // 11
Atlantic beef and mixed beans simmered with tomatoes and a blend of warm spices. Served with sour cream and fresh jalapeno cornbread.

Caesar Salad GF // 12
Crisp romaine lettuce, house dressing, parmigiano reggiano, crispy double smoked bacon.

Ahi Nicoise Salad GF // 21
Seared Ahi tuna, hand torn lettuce, green beans, gem potatoes, boiled egg, tomato, cucumber, kalamata olives, lemon vinaigrette.

Giant Cobb Salad GF // 15
Crisp romaine lettuce, house ranch dressing, boiled egg, double smoked bacon, roma tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, avocado, kalamata olives, and blue cheese.

Add Protein // 8
Shrimp|Seared Ahi Tuna| Haddock |Fried Chicken
Add Sauce // 1.50 – 2
House Honey Mustard | Carolina BBQ |
Valentina’s Hot sauce | Ranch | Blue Cheese Dressing |
Queso | House Made Gravy


ClassicSmash Cheeseburger // 12
Two 4oz Atlantic Beef smash patties, slice of cheese, iceberg lettuce, sliced tomato, red onions, ketchup, pickles on a toasted brioche bun.

Double American Cheddar // 2
Add Bacon // 2

Saucy Smash // 15
Two 4oz Atlantic Beef smash patties, double American Cheddar housemade burger sauce, caramelized onions, pickles, served on a toasted brioche bun. Staff Favourite

Chicken Little // 12
Brined Nova Scotia chicken, tossed in our secret spice blend and fried to perfection, with housemade aioli, iceberg lettuce, on a toasted brioche bun.

Nashville Chicken Sandwich // 14
Our fried chicken, dipped in our blend of hot oil, chilies and spices, with coleslaw, pickles, and iceberg lettuce on a toasted Brioche bun. Spicy


Fries // 4
Truffle Fries // 6
Poutine // 7
Caeser // 6
Garden Salad // 6
Chili // 7
Brussel Sprouts // 6
Mac and Cheese // 7


Fish & Chips // 1 pc 12| 2 pc 16
Fresh Nova Scotia haddock, coated in Painted Boat beer batter, fried & served with housemade tartar sauce and coleslaw

Pineapple Dry Ribs // 16
Tender & juicy side ribs, braised with Big 8 Pineapple Soda and Painted Boat Lager. Fried, and tossed with our sweet and savoury pineapple soda spice blend.

Taco Tray // 15
Choose your own adventure. Build your tacos with a choice of protein: Atlantic Beef, Local NS Chicken or Impossible Style plant based meat, and your choice of sauce: Chimmichurri, Old El Pictou or Harrissa.

Served with pickled onions, shredded lettuce, salsa, sour cream, hot sauce, fresh grated cheese. Choose corn, flour or lettuce wraps.


Cinnamon Bun Churros // 7
Freshly made deep fried churros, spiced sugar and vanilla icing dipping.

Scotsburn Ice Cream Sando // 7
Scotsburn French Vanilla ice cream between two house made rich chocolate cookies. Staff Favourite


Cocktails 2oz


Hibiscus Gin Fizz // 12
Hibiscus infused gin, lemon juice,
grapefruit juice, simple syrup,
egg white and soda water.

Honey Bee Bramble // 12
Gin, blackberry honey, lemon juice and basil.


Pineapple Rum Punch // 12
Rum, fresh pineapple juice,
lime juice, spiced orange cordial.

Lost at Sea // 12|
Rum, lime juice, honey syrup, ginger syrup and soda water.


Acting Gingerly // 12
Vodka, lime juice, cranberry shrub,
ginger beer.

PeachyKeen // 12
Vodka, lemon juice, peach tea syrup, mint leaves.

Public House Caesar // 10
Gin or Vodka, as spicy as you like, garnished with spicy bean.


Blue Lobster Vodka // 5|7

Fishermans Helper White Rum // 5|7

Willing to Learn Gin // 5|7

Caldera Hurricane 5

Canadian Whisky // 8|11

Jose Cuervo Tradicional Silver // 8|11

Sea Fever Spiced Amber Rum // 8|11


Painted Boat Lager 16oz|20oz // 6|7

NS Spirit Co. Blueberry Mojito 8oz // 8

NS Spirit Co. Cucumber Gin Rickey 8oz // 8

Annapolis Cider The Classic 14oz // 7

Annapolis Cider Crisp & Dry 14oz // 8

Annapolis Cider Something
14oz // 8.50

Church Heart of Gold Amber Lager 16oz // 8.50

Breton Brewing Black Angus IPA 16oz // 8.50

Backstage Brewing Daydreamer ESB 16oz
// 8.50


Blue Lobster Vodka Soda 355ml // 6
Lemon Lime|Blueberry Lemon|Sour Cherry Lime|
Dragonfruit Guava|Watermelon Cucumber
Lemon Iced Tea

Annapolis Cider Co 355ml // 6
The Classic Cider

Painted Boat Beer Co 355ml // 6
Painted Boat Lager

Get a Bucket // 25
Any five 355ml cans for $25

Blue Lobster Vodka Soda 473ml // 8
Rocket | Pink Lemonade| Lemon Lime| Sour Cherry Lime



Sainte Famille Tidal Bay // 9|14|40

Lost Bell by Sainte Famille Wild Seyval
// 8|13|36


Lost Bell by Sainte Famille Rosé
// 8|13|36


Lost Bell by Sainte Famille Baco Noir // 9|14|40

Amalaya de Colome Malbec // 11|16|52

Montecillo Reserva Rioja // -|-|60


Luckett Sparkling NV // 56

L’Acadie Vintage Cuvee // 80

Lightfoot & Wolfville Bubbly White // 56

Veuve Clicquot // 150

Dom Pérignon // 400



San Pellegrino Sparkling Water 750ml // 5

Virgin Caesar // 4

Libra non alcoholic beer // 5
Hazy IPA | Pale Ale

Pop // 2
Pepsi | Diet Pepsi |

Juice // 3

Milk // 2
White | Chocolate

Coffee // 2

Tea // 2